Monday, June 6, 2011

Yosemite vs. Eastern Shore

 Wilson is in San Francisco and on his way home.  Once he goes through his photo's I'll pick a few more to post.  This is one of his last photo's taken yesterday at Yosemite.  Wilson said the weather was rainy and the group  was out shooting photo's for hours ... I'm hoping he doesn't come home sick!
 In contrast to Yosemite ... we have the Eastern Shore.
A peaceful place with no mountains and a preferred destination for those who like to bike, eat crabs, sail the Bay, or head to the beaches of Ocean City.  
So, welcome to our world.  We have yet to get into the pool, sit on the swing along the waters edge, or have an evening glass of wine on the dock with the westies.  
Happy Monday ... enjoy your day.

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  1. This picture of your pool reminds me of home! We had just the same shape of pool, with tile and brick around the top growing up :) I sure miss that pool.

    So, why haven't you been doing any of these lovely things in this magnificent weather quite yet?