Sunday, July 24, 2011

Julep, Derby & Skirts for Molly the American Girl Doll

 Derby in light pencil sketch
 Julep in play mode until ...
 A sound in the driveway disrupted their play
Under investigation they head to the bedroom window
 Derby taking the lead in the investigation

 Looking, Watching, Waiting
 Our Little White Guard Westies
protect us from all creatures of the yard.

.. .. *** .. ..

Three skirts for Molly {the American Girl doll}
wardrobe collection.
The slumber party & dot fabric is the beginning of a doll quilt.


  1. Molly is one well-dressed American Girl Doll!!!

  2. When each of my sisters and then I turned 9 we each got to pick out an american girl doll....One sister Picked Molly the other sister picked Samantha,and I picked Kirsten.... GOOD MEMORIES! (your molly will be much better dressed though!) LOVE IT! and love your pictures! Julep and Derby are just ADOREABLE!

  3. Duke is an excellent guard also. Nothing moves outside without him knowing about it and sounding the alarm :)
    Those skirts are really cute

  4. Oh I hope they are not too jealous!! The skirts are adorable!!


    Art by Karena

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