Friday, July 15, 2011

Longwood Gardens The Natural Beauty That Surrounds You

 Hanging baskets filled with Fuchsia in the Orangery.

 Main Fountains
Pierre S. du Pont designed the Main Fountain Garden after visiting the great gardens of Italy and France and seeing the hydraulic displays at several worlds fairs.  This five-acre hydraulic masterpiece runs continuously throughout the day.  Special daytime Fountain Shows run through September 4.
 The fountain garden is an eclectic assembly of Italian ornamentation, French grandeur and American technology.  The garden was developed between 1928 - 1931.  Hundreds of fountains, some raising as high as 130 feet, re-circulate 10,000 gallons of water per minute from spring until fall.
 The path leading us to the Idea Garden.
This area showcases more than 600 varieties of perennials, a rainbow of annuals and vegetables cultivated with traditional and non-traditional methods.  In April this area has more than 80 varieties of tulips and daffodils in bloom.

 Black-eye Susan
 Red Hot Poker Blooms
 Daisy Flowers
 Wilson needed a permit for using his tri-pod!
 The Chimes Tower
Stone unearthed during the Main Fountain Garden construction was used to partially build the Chimes Tower in 1929.
 Wilson photographing the waterfall.
 The tower houses Longwood's resident 62-bell Carillon.
 It is played in concerts throughout the summer.

We missed the Fountain Show but I did catch the last seconds from the back!
. . . . .
Our next scheduled trip is in September.
We'll concentrate on the other side of Longwood Garden which includes:
 the Flower Garden Walk, the Theatre Garden, the Peirce-du Pont House, 
Peirce's Woods, the Canopy Cathedral Treehouse
 and the Italian Water Gardens and Large Lake area.

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