Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stargazer Lilies Blooming In My Garden

 It's that time in early summer when stargazer lilies start blooming ... and when backyards smell like giant perfume bottles.
 In case you didn't know ...
We have Leslie Woodriff of the The Sun Valley Group in Arcata, California to thank for this indispensable garden plant. Leslie Woodriff hybridized the Stargazer Lily in 1974 revolutionizing the lily cut flower industry by producing what has now become the most popular oriental lily in the world.

Stargazer lilies are an oriental hybrid lily. The name Stargazer was given to this hardy lily because unlike other lilies, their blooms gaze up at the sky. This fabulous oriental lily (our namesake), boasts stout sturdy stems that are 30" tall with clusters of very fragrant blooms. Stargazer lilies do not require staking and are very wind resistant. A fragrant and versatile hybrid, Stargazer lilies grow beautifully in perennial gardens and are well suited as a container garden plant. This showy Stargazer Lily has brilliant crimson colored flowers that are edged with pure white.

 We have so many stargazers in bloom, it's impossible to count them all!  What did I do to deserve all these pretty blooms?

 More pods getting ready to open!
 See what I mean about trying to count the blooms.
This photo shows only one section of my garden.

Resting on cool rocks ... we do not disturb the frog.


  1. Exquisite! Smooches for the pups.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Your lilies are so pretty. I learned something about them. Thanks for posting! It is nice to know that the Westies are polite to the frogs. My Bonnie Blue is far too naughty, I am afraid. She would definitely disturb them!

  3. The lilies are stunning - your garden must be beautiful!
    Andrea (suffering serious garden envy from a 2nd floor apartment!)

  4. Those flowers are magnificent, and we love the frog too - come and see our frog collection in our latest blog post.
    And of course Derby and Julep are still the cutest !
    Lots of love from Bella, Ollie, Isabella and Pascal.

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