Monday, August 1, 2011

Did Someone Say August 1st!

 I can't believe today I flipped my calendar page to August!  Where did the summer go?
 My little westies love to help me change the bed linens on Sunday morning.  They think it's play time.
 Julep ... impeding my progress.
What is it about clean sheets that draw them to take a nap before I'm finished.  Of course, if Julep wants to take a nap, then Julep takes a nap - what she wants, she gets!
 Derby making his way through the toss pillows for bed.  He thinks this is fun and cute, I think it's making more work for me since now I'll have to re-stack them.

 Derby deep in thought & wondering what he can get into next.
 Resting Westies
.. .. ..
From Around The Garden Area

 Writing Spider
We have more of these spiders around our yard this year then I've seen in the past.  Water Spiders are next in line and we removed them from the deck.  Don't want the westies even to catch slight of one hanging around.
 Oak Leaf Hydrangea
A spider resting in one of the flowers.

 Cinnamon Bark on Crepe Myrtle
August is when the bark starts shedding on the crepe myrtle to reveal the deep cinnamon color.

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