Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Little of This & A Little of That

 We started our morning {pre-Starbucks coffee} with the westies barking barks of excitement at seeing the squirrel(s) come for a sunflower seed breakfast.
 There were actually two visiting this morning - taking turns feeding and tormenting the westies.  I guess you could say this in my fault since I filled up the feeder with seeds for the birds.
 A grasshopper watching from his safe place on the back of the chair.
 Up and Down
From sunrise ... until ... checking the line for crabs.

 A male & female cardinal made it into the photo.

 ==  ==  ==
Now A Little of That
 Our delivery of two Brioche we ordered from Williams-Sonoma finally arrived.  It's stored safe in our freezer for now.
 Wilson heard the authors on the radio talking about there new book.
 We ordered a few copies to send to family.
 We've been keeping our UPS driver very busy.
The Proviable-DC is added to Julep & Derby's breakfast every morning.
I don't even take probiotics, but I make sure the westies do! 

A Gust of Sun Winery
This new winery is scheduled to open in the Finger Lakes region of New York State soon.  Kim Niles - the artist who created the fabric I used to make one of the dresses for Molly, the American Girl doll - created this label for A Gust of Sun.  Isn't this the cutest label you've ever seen on a wine bottle!  I'll have to ask Kim the story behind the creation of this label.
==  ==  ==
Thanks to Lynda B.  for bringing this to my attention on Facebook.  Lynda takes Coop the westie to school so children can read him stories.

This now completes the post on
A Little of This 
A Little of That

Sending Westie Air Kisses Your Way!

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