Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Resident Turtle

 The turtle in residence came from under the deck this morning which left the westies in a tizzy of excitement!

Bark ... Bark ... Bark
 Finally after four hours of looking in the yard they jointly decided she was gone.
On another note ... 
I've finished four sundresses for Molly the American Girl
 JoAnn's had some summer fabric marked down so out I came with a big bag of fabric to put aside.  There was a basket of buttons on clearance.  Here are a few cards I purchased for 50cents.


  1. Love those scottie buttons! I bet the dogs had a field day with the turtle. My westie barks at animals on tv....really....anything that moves.

  2. I wonder what Duke would do if he saw a turtle? :)
    It sounds like I may need to make a trip to Joann, I haven't used my sewing machine in a while and it might be a good time to do something. Love the buttons

  3. It's nice that you have a turtle around. The sun dresses are so cute. I'm sure that molly will like wearing them..LOL

  4. These are so cute! I love to make doll clothes and even have some little buttons like that! I just read your email and I know you will enjoy your visit to Asheville! October is the perfect month to visit! I have several posts about the Art District if you go to my second page! And the Arboretum is wonderful, too! How exciting to be planning a trip! ♥