Thursday, August 4, 2011

Return Visitor . . . Ms. Turtle

 Here she is again ... the tormentor of westies.
 Heading under the deck to her summer vacation home.
 Watching ... Barking ... Running ... Sniffing
 Is the order for this morning.
 As with any westie {or terrier} they get obsessive about things.  That's why these two can never be off-leash in an open environment - the re-call factor is non-existant.

 Grass Plumes
.. .. ..
My first completed dress created for Molly the American Girl doll.

My sister {Debby} created this adorable jacket.

For my new followers . . .
Molly, the American Girl doll is being donated to the Westie Foundation of American's auction scheduled in October.  This all-terrier show called Montgomery is held annually in Pennsylvania. Participants travel from around the world in hopes of winning points and ribbons at this event.  The monies raised from this auction will help research specific diseases inherit to westies.


  1. I love that Ms. Turtle has taken up residence! If you're looking for a great vacation destination, any of the NC and SC beaches. My faves are Holden Beach, NC, and Litchfield Beach, SC.

  2. They sure are interested in that turtle. Your doll dress looks great and the jacket your sister made is really cute

  3. Hey there! I hopped on over to see you from Love Cocktails and Puppydog Tails' blog.

    I've been to Montgomery. Well, actually, to LuLu Temple. I was only 7 months old and We took a trip to that show and had a great time. People made fun of my white markings, but, hey, I was used to that by then. Still am.

    I LOVE turtles, too! They make me crazy!

    Good luck with the fundraising.

    Arroooo, Stuart

  4. Oh my gosh that turtle is the cutest thing... aren't dogs reactions hilarious? My dog licks inanimate objects for no reason and barks at my youngest son for no reason... I'm pretty sure the turtle would freak him out!

  5. Turtle Tormentor! :D Your blog makes me so happy!

  6. Obsessive indeed! Mine has this thing over killing small lizards. I know, the carnage is just awful, but I can't be keeping an eye on her all day when she's out in the yard. She'll turn over every loose stone, dig holes and tear out plants to get at her prey!

  7. Those doggies crack me up the way they are looking at that turtle.. He's a pretty turtle too. Do you know what kind he is? Your dress is so pretty and I love that jacket also. You girls are so good at that stuff!!