Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grooming Day & Warm Brioche

... Derby . . .
{I had a little fun with this photo}
 Today we had a new groomer come to the house for an appointment with Julep, Derby & MacDuffy.
 Last night I took a frozen brioche {made by Williams-Sonoma} out of the freezer to rise over night in a cold oven.
 Baked for 25 minutes the brioche was ready to eat.
Don and I sat and talked about grooming while snacking on this heavenly bread.
 Don isn't trained in hand-stripping a coat, but he did do a little clean-up work on Derby.  
 L - MacDuffy  R - Julep
Taking a well-deserved treat from Wilson.
 MacDuffy loves treats!
MacDuffy is trained to sit up for treats ... Julep pays attention.

 Derby & Julep
He loves his sister.
 After the bath and time on the grooming table these two just wanted to play and have fun.

 Ms. Turtle came out to see how beautiful the westies looked.

 It was an extremely busy day with . . .
Meeting Don the groomer, bath time & groom time
then MacDuffy came over for a little play, his bath & grooming
then running on the deck with a visit from Ms. Turtle.  
I have two very tired westies who will be going to bed early tonight.

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  1. They all look lovely. Bonnie Blue smells like a stink bomb. She needs a bath!