Thursday, October 13, 2011

5,946 Feet Up On A Mountain, You Enter A Different World

Wonders Never Cease
We spent Wednesday at Grandfather Mountain.
The westies spent the day at the Bed & Biscuit Spa on Black Mountain.

Painting the fall foliage and mountains.
High on Grandfather Mountain the possibilities are as endless as the views.
There are scenic overlooks, picnic areas, walking and hiking trails and the museum.

The sign is very accurate!
Fog starts rolling in while we're at the top.
Wilson looks like he's standing at the entrance to the pearly gates of heaven.
Remember when Forrest Gump ran across America?  A portion of his trek was filmed on Grandfather Mountain.  Another famous visitor was Daniel Boone, who walked these forests in the 1760s.

The Grandfather Mountain area has more plant diversity than in all of Europe.
High above sea level, you've never felt so grounded.

The folks on this ledge didn't read the sign!

I was surprised to see the long distance viewing machines which are still 25 cents.

The Singing Bridge?
When the wind blows, the Mile High Swinging Bridge 'sings' in the same way as a harmonica.

Hairpin curves at the top.
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The westies had a nice day at the spa but took themselves to bed at 8:00pm.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is sooo beautiful!!! Love your pictures!!!

    Love, Kristin