Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh ... Deer!

 Ohhhhhhhhhh .... deer .... my achin' back!
I'm not much of a complainer but this back thing is a killer!
I'm missing out on so much ... like taking pictures of all the fun Halloween decorations and carved pumpkins in St. Michaels, taking the westies for walks, doing their normal everyday grooming, and most of all not being able to spend a lot of time at my sewing machine (and computer).  This is a real drag!
It's nice when I see deer in the yard before the westies.
Wilson and I think these two deer were born in the woods on our property since they hang around so much.  By the way, it wasn't long after I took these photo's that the barking began and the deer scampered away with tails up in the air. 

... In the meantime my new sewing books arrived ...
 I'm hoping (and praying) to get back into the sewing saddle again.
 I'm pouring over the pages of these books plotting out my new sewing project(s).
... A little stitch here & a little stitch there ... 
There are a few little outfits I'll be making for summer wear but for now I'm into the winter clothing mode.  I did manage to sew up a jumper from green plaid wool that I had cut out a while ago.  This will go to my sister who is now sewing doll clothing for 4 little girls.   So all my sewing will be going to Debby's clothing drive.   All will be divided up and passed on to the little girl's grandmothers at Christmas.
As for today, it's back to the physical therapist to be stretched and pulled just like salt water taffy!


  1. I hope things go well with the therapist!

    A few moths ago, my husband and I were standing at our kitchen sink looking out the window, when all of a sudden about 7 - 8 deer bounded out of the woods behind our home, followed by Scooter, the neighbor's cat, followed by Bonnie Blue (our Westie). She was trying so hard to keep up with the pack, but she was falling behind. It was the funniest thing, and I wish we had known because we would have won the $100,000 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos!

  2. How fun! We hope you back feels better soon!


  3. I know just how you feel with your back problem. Have had many times where I couldn't walk or hold my arms up to the window to take photos. I sure hope you get better quick. You need to be on the go like always.. But you did manage to get some good pics of the deer!! My four deer were out here this evening. I feel bad for them. They have these bumps all over their bodies. Not sure if it's ticks or what. It has got to bother them. Poor things. Get better quick! Those little ghosts and goblins will be around soon!!