Monday, October 24, 2011

Sewing for Westie Rescue Orange County & Beyond

 I just finished packing up and mailing a box to Karen at Westie Rescue Orange County today.  Here are the Bandanna's, Bow-ties & Dresses I included for their holiday events.
 I hand-cut sparkle felt westies from of a pattern, then pinned them to one side of fabric, stitched around the outline, added fancy ribbon around the neck, then sewed the two pieces of fabric together making the bandanna's.  A little extra work, but the cuteness was worth the time.
 Westie Rescue Orange County has a great website filled with a wealth of information.
Please Visit

 Karen wants to try to sell these 2 doll dresses.
We're hoping they draw interest and add to the rescue fund raising efforts.

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  1. Everything looks great. The dresses are adorable and I love the bandannas with the Westie applique