Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to Asheville, North Carolina!

Greetings From Candler, NC outside of Asheville
 Today we drove the final leg on our road trip to Asheville.
Leaving the eastern shore on Saturday mid-morning we drove as far as Radford, VA and decided it was time to find a hotel for the night ... thus enter the La Quinta Inn.
 From Radford, VA we crossed into Tennessee, then into North Carolina finding this nice rest area to stop at.
 I can't image having a dog 'off-leash' anyplace that is open like this!
 The westies are sniffing everything and loving every second.
 Wanting to go over there when we want them over here!
 Derby was so tied he couldn't take another step and needed a power nap as soon as we got into the rental house.
 Here are a few photo's of the inside of 'Dancing Waters'.
The kitchen table is what I'm using as my computer station.
Princess Julep
 Julep is relaxing but Derby is full of energy after his power nap.
 The master bathroom or a big pool for the westies.  Either way, they will be getting a bath in that tub before we leave for home.
 The master bedroom. 
This bed is so high off the floor I'm going to need a step to get into it!  We're still trying to figure out a chair system for the dogs to get on and off.
 The living room.
 Part of the other end of the living room.  The steps lead up to another bedroom, bathroom, and massive size game room.  The door is now closed off so the westies can't go up there.
 Looking out onto the deck.  I've walked into that door at least three times so far!
 Wilson relaxing after he westie-proofed part of the deck.  The fence in the yard is a joke for keeping a westie in.  That is a hot tub over in the corner which we will not use since we don't even use the one we have on our deck at home!
Taking in the smells of the cool mountain air.  Plans for Monday include a visit to 'At Play With Sparky' doggie day care, then onto downtown Asheville for some shopping and the arrival of Bob & AJ who will be spending the rest of the week here.  Tuesday I have tickets for the Biltmore Estate and can't wait!

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