Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Car Ride ... Walk!

 Car ride ... walk is what I say to the westies to let them know we're going out.
The house is in a state of excitement from that point on.
 We are having such beautiful weather I never want it to end.
 These photo's are untouched - the color is the color - amazing!

 Julep & Derby walking on the dock like they own the place.
We don't want to go home Mommy Katie.


  1. Nothing like feeling the breeze in your fur! We would say to our westie “do you want to go for a ride” and she would go nuts! I am glad you all are enjoying the Fall weather. Those pictures of the water are beautiful...one of these days and I am going to make it to St. Michaels. xx

  2. Wow, what a great day, You really look lots of fun riding and enjoyed the beautiful view.:)

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  3. I'd want to stay out too if I got to go to such a beautiful place!