Monday, November 14, 2011

Derby & Julep

 Derby still looking pretty good after his bath and grooming.
He has the cutest face with big eyes and a button nose.
 He's so shiny!
 Julep ... giving us 'The Donald Look'

 Derby was in a playful mood yesterday.
He had a good workout playing with his toys.
 Derby discovered the stuffed westie dog on the guest room bed.

 I'm not sure what Derby is doing with that stuffed westie.
(Nor do I want to know!)
 Yes ... this is Derby ... what a picture!
 Completed clothing I'm adding to the stack which will be going to my 
sister when she's here for Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

  1. Derby, you are so handsome!!! Julep, you are so pretty!!! I love these dogs. My Bonnie is looking like a ragamuffin, but she does not have an appointment for grooming until next week.