Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Quick Walk in St. Michaels

 The weather is perfect today so before lunch we made a quick trip into
 St. Michaels to take the westies for a walk.  
 Wilson & Derby
The town is decorated for Christmas as well as 'Midnight Madness' on 12/3.
That's when all the little shops stay open until (you guessed it)
midnight so we can shop for holiday presents.

 It's very quiet and enjoyable this time of year on the water.
 This boat is decorated in tiny white lights.  We'll go back tonight and see if they're on (because I would like to get a photo) plus she's docked by the Town Dock Restaurant and that's were we're headed for dinner.
 Derby ... I'm not even going to mention what he's doing at this particular moment!
 Amazing that the roses are still in bloom while Christmas decoration are being hung.
Wilson controlling the two westies while I take photo's.  All in all an excellent quick walk.  
Now back at home the westies are napping so I'd better get back to work.
 It's a coin toss what I should do next ... work on the leaves in the yard or head up to my sewing area and start on a new doll outfit that I have cut out which are a pair of pants, top and apron.
... Wishing everyone a nice weekend ...

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  1. What a beautiful little place. I see I can add a comment again. The last time I was here I couldn't. It's still too warm for November. I wish it would snow. People don't like me saying that around here..Ha!