Monday, November 7, 2011

westie Derby & scottie Melody

 This morning we woke up to ground fog and I ran out to snap this photo before heading across the Bay Bridge to take Derby to his grooming appointment.
 Derby pre-grooming with so much coat it's hard 
to tell there's a westie under there.
It's been a long time since he last saw Melody so
I think Derby is getting re-acquainted at distance. 
 In less than five minutes these two re-bonded.
 Having a good time before bath time!

 Derby still looks cute as a button even with
a heavy coat.
I personally think Derby will always look like a
puppy no matter what age he is.
 Melody is a real people kind of scottie.
 She just loves attention.

Derby is being a semi-good boy while Dorene
works her grooming magic.
 Derby doesn't like his nails done and I did have to
put down the camera to hold him still.
 Back at home ... it's been a long day.
Thanks Ms. Dorene for making Derby look so super-good and giving him his westie figure back!


  1. Derby had quite a day. It's cute seeing him and Melody together

  2. Derby-
    You look so handsome and all spiffy for the holidays!


  3. Looking good Derby! I am going to go through the same routine this Friday. I DO NOT LIKE GETTING MY CLAWS CLIPPED AT ALL. Hope I look as good as you do when I am done!