Sunday, December 11, 2011

Three Estate Homes on the House Tour for Christmas in St. Michaels

 Yard display in front of an open house.
If this goes missing ... don't tell on me!
 Shake your booties ... well, not exactly!
Booties are required when walking through the homes.
 Dorene and I became pretty efficient at taking our booties on and off.
 I'm posting just the three 'out of town' estates.
No interior photo's are allowed {which is understandable}. 
It's really a shame not to be able to show some of
unique design elements of the homes.
This estate is my favorite.
I fell in love with their enormous fresh cut tree 
displayed in the family room {approx. 7' wide x 12' tall}
decorated in multi-color lights & probably a 1,000 ornaments!
.. ... ..
At the bottom of this post the outside night photo's
are the decorations surrounding this home.
The lights are enjoyed by all as they drive over the Oak Creek Bridge at night.
 The outline of the house roof resembles a boat!
 Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 1900's.
This estate home has beautiful views of Plain Dealing Creek.
5 bedrooms, 4-1/2 baths, and a spacious art
studio which is shared by the owners.
He is a photographer and she is a painter.
 Separate garage and pool house.
The outside of this home has such a warm 
and cozy feeling to it.
 It was just starting to get dark when we arrived at the last home.
Each room in this estate has a water view of Tarr Creek.
Dorene & I lost count of the bedrooms in this home!


  1. that looks like so much fun. I love that yard display, that is adorable

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  3. Love those booties you had to wear. My peep would get those in my size if she could find them. Wow what a light show.
    Sweet William The Scot