Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breaking News ... Captain Scrooge Crashes Into Santa & His Sled

 Yes, this is actually a fighter jet with Santa's sled stuck on the nose.
Scattered around the field is everything Santa had
ready for all the good girls and boys.
The location of this display is the
St. Michaels Road (on the eastern shore of Maryland).
 I can't believe someone came up
 with this totally jaw-dropping original holiday scene.
 Santa trying to help one of his reindeer out of a real fix!
 No detail is spared!
 Look at the right hand ... he's holding the wheel from the red wagon.
 Oops! ... is right!
The folks who put up this display really have a sense of humor!

 A reindeer in need of assistance!
Has to be Rudolph ... he has a shiny red nose.
 Removal of part of the white fence was done to make this 
 look real ... giving us the impression the
plane crashed through to an 'almost' safe landing.
 Wrapped presents are scattered throughout the field.
They had to come from Santa's bag!
 Yes ... this is a real plane!
 Captain Scrooge ... who in the world thought of that?
 Elf and tri-cycle ... looks like a hairy 'situation' to me!

 Situated on the main road people stop day and
night to look (actually marvel) and take pictures.
 Going back to the car I still had my camera on and quickly
 snapped this of an actual sight seeing plane checking out the Santa wreck.
 This is a continued view of the front of the estate.
The metal horse with jockey is always in his spot to jump over the fence.
I should have taken a photo of their home which is down a long pristine driveway.
The entrance is decorated in big red poinsettias shaped lights.
 Needless to say the home is stunning!
 I didn't realize these were metal horses
until someone pointed that out to me. 
They are placed behind a small hill and you have
 to look closely to see them when you're driving
 down the road.  They also move these guys around for fun.
A close-up of the fresh pine swags and red bells
that drape their entire front white fence.


  1. BOL, someone relly have a sence of humor. Funny.

  2. I think this is really does one explain this to a small child when driving by!
    I guess the humor is lost on me.

  3. It is quite unique but JoAnn is right. The kids might cry..LOL

  4. If a parent can't explain this to a kid then they shouldn't be out driving.

  5. Joann, it is time to tell the truth and stop filling your children's heads with lies(Myths). Get over it It is Hilarious. Dave

  6. Did you take all of these photos?

  7. I absolutely loved..Made me feel like a kid. I had to go see & video/photo for myself. I posted this little music video on YouTube with a jet sound to start it off.
    Love your photos & websit3 blog.

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