Sunday, December 4, 2011

Derby ... Get's A Bath & Santa's Address at the Pole

 That's my baby boy wet from his bath.
He like to run (from me) after I'm finished drying
him with the towel.  His pattern is ...
to head into the bedroom
(thinking I wouldn't find him).
 Julep was groomed last week for the holidays.
Derby's turn will be this week with Ms. Dorene.
 Derby ... you can pretend you don't see me
but I'm going to brush and dry you anyway.
 Derby ... wet and on our bed!
 The Boys
 Julep after she's been groomed.
Notice she's minding her own business.
 When I see Derby have 'that look' that means
trouble 'cause he wants Julep to play.
 On your mark ... ready ... set ... go!
... Julep ... 
Play gentle with your brother
(even though he started it)!
 Julep on the right ... Derby on the left.
The End

There's still time to mail your letter to Santa!
Have a nicholiday!


  1. I can`t get enough of you Westies, they are so beautiful. How do you groom them (are they handstripped, how often do yo bath them and what shampoo do you use)? Mai needs a bath too. I don`t understand how he can get so dirty. Well, no wonder, the best place to sniff ist under the bushes and there is nothing better then rolling in the grass.

  2. They are so pretty and white and soft looking. Thanks for your comment on my blog Katie. As far as turning that deer pic into pencil?? I can do that anytime but I just never liked the look. I did it for you and I will post it so you can see. Have a nice day!

  3. They are just so darn cute. It looks like they were having a good time too

  4. They are so adorable! I love the one on the bed! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!