Thursday, December 8, 2011

Derby's Holiday Grooming

 This morning Derby and I left bright and early to go to the other
 side of the Bay Bridge to see Ms. Dorene for a little holiday grooming.
While Derby was 'getting the treatment' I went to Home Goods
for a little shopping.  Did I have a good time!!!
 We know Julep was totally miffed this morning
 because she wasn't going in the car with us.
Can't you tell in her eyes that she's still miffed!

A Dog's Christmas Promises

  • Christmas tree light bulbs, are not food.
  • ***
  • I know that the cat and the snowmen are not real,
  • therefore I will not pull them out of the Christmas tree.
  • ***
  • I will not attack next door's outside Christmas tree, 
  • and drag the string of lights through the hole in the fence.
 Derby looks and feels like silk!
We are taking him away from hand-stripping
and moving into clipping.
 Play time!
Watching something outside.  It's rare that I get a good
photo of her standing still.
 We made a brief stop at the outlet center in Queenstown on the way home.
Derby knew he was 'hot stuff' and was lookin' good.
Everyone remarked how handsome he is
and ... well, I agree ... he is.
Holiday Humor!


  1. Shopping while the dogs are getting groomed! Sounds fantastic! I love Shen they come back feeling silky and smooth!

  2. Home goods!!! I never get to go!! We also wish santa would bring us your doggie guys look so super white and so nice and shiny!!!

  3. Looking good. Santa is sure to bring something special to such well groomed pups :)

  4. They sure are beautiful doggies!!