Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Sewing!

 With the busy holiday season now over I'm ready to get back
 into the swing of sewing clothing for the 18" doll.
This is the first hat I made - it was easy but I did a lot of
hand finishing work around the brim and underside. 
 Guess I better start sewing especially with all the fabric my sister gave me for Christmas.
This is one of those pieces of fabric.

 I love adding tiny details to the clothing I make
like hand-sewing the trim around the collar.

As my sister once told me ... 
Sewing is her happy place ... and guess what ... it's mine also!


  1. Very nice work! I wish I could sew but about all I can do is simple repair work.

  2. Katie, I LOVE the hat! I had better get going with my 2012 sewing. JoAnn