Thursday, January 12, 2012

Full Moon A Risin'

 A full moon rising gives Derby light to watch the bunny eat dinner.

 The heron weather vane at docks end.
 The moon from the end of our dock.
I need a 'longer' camera lens to get better photo's.
[Will note to put that little item on my birthday wish list.]
 All the bunny-barking got Derby in a playful mood.
I have to wonder what he's thinking with that look on his face.
Time to put the toys away & go to bed.


  1. Very nice photos. It was so cloudy at our house we couldn't even see the full moon. :o( Nothing to howl at!

  2. Your yard is full of nifty's better than T.V.


  3. I've been dreaming about a long lens for a few years now.
    Derby doesn't look too happy about it being bed time :)

  4. Derby wants some hasenpfeffer by moonlight!