Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ode To A Westie

Ode To A Westie

  for White as he should be
E   for Eagerness all must see
  for Sight keen the quarry to spy
T   for Terrier spirit and never say die

H   for the Happiness they always bring
I   for Inquisitive ... doing their own thing
G   for Good measure in such a small frame
H   for Hi there, how about a game?
L   for their Laughter and love in their hearts
A   for Amenable right from the start
N   for Not minding if Mum should look stern
D   for Delight upon her return

W  for Welcome, so warm ans so nice
H   for Hunting and catching those mice
I    for Intelligence ... more than most
T   for Top Dog ... no idle boast
E  for Evermore Westies ... our toast!

H ... is for hunting ... those squirrels on the loose in the park!


  1. Oh MY Cat.... what a wonderful ODE and what wonderful pictures. Your furs are so white... I mean they are so shiny and white... I mean they are just beautiful and shiny and white. Nice post.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. W - wouldn't come when called this morning...
    E - even after I went looking for an hour!
    S - she was fixated on a woodpile critter...
    T - totally freaked me out!
    I - I love her so much...
    E - even when she's bad bad bad!

    My Westie, Zip.

  3. Very nice! I love your pictures too!

  4. Love true.

  5. So Cool! And luved da pictures too!


  6. I love this and that first picture is just perfect