Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sun Bathing in the Dining Room

 Today is one of the colder days we've had so far this winter.
I found Julep sleeping on the dining room rug [before I woke her up] in a nice patch
of sunlight.  I'm hoping the sun bathing will help her snow nose.
 Julep will get her pigmentation back in the spring or if we take her
 to Florida on vacation which isn't a bad idea!
 Grooming is scheduled for next week.
 I'll be glad to get them both cleaned up as I can only do so much.
Keep Warm!


  1. Sun puddles can be so much fun to nap on. Mom always wakes me up too.

  2. These are such lovely pictures!

    Aroodles, Stuart

  3. nothing beats a sun puddle in the winter

  4. Bonnie blue loves to sun in our kitchen when the sun heats-up our limestone floors. I hope Julep is toasty warm today!