Monday, January 16, 2012

Toys on the Floor

 For those that follow me on Facebook you know I've been sick with the flu.  It hit me out of the blue while grocery shopping on Friday.  You see we had a little dinner party set for Saturday night with dear friends JoAnn & Lloyd. Wilson was making his Chicken Parm with a new salad recipe he spotted in Cook's Country simply called Antipasto Salad.  We were also going to watch The Descendants while eating warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream ... and unfortunately all that didn't work because I was sick. BooHoo.
 In the meantime, I'm starting to feel better and
the westies are house-bound bored.
Just how bored are the westies? 
So bored they started pulling out toys to play with!
 Toys that haven't been touched in about 8 months!
 All in all the westies were perfect little nurses
never leaving my side while I was in bed.

Take care my friends
May the flu bug miss your house this year.


  1. If I could just get Bonnie Blue to pick up her toys!!! ;P This post is too freakin' adorable!!!

  2. Hope you're feeling all better soon. The flu is the pitts!

    Finding old toys is just like finding brand new toys again!


  3. I love reading your blog and this particular post was just so sweet. Your Westies are so enjoyable. Sending healing wishes your way.

  4. Feel better real soon! In find it nd of funny when Finn goes digging through her toy bin, like what toy is she suddenly remembering tha she just has to p,ay with? It is cute!

  5. Sorry to hear the flu got in the way of your weekend plans. Glad to hear you are feeling better though.
    I have a post scheduled for later in the week about Duke's toys laying all over the floor. Guess Julep and Derby aren't the only ones who have been

  6. Every now and then, I like to pull EACH and EVERY toy out of my box too!!! But, be careful, because sometimes my mom decides that means it is time to clean them up and share some with others, and some don't make it back into the basket!!!

    Glad you are starting to feel better :)

  7. NO flu over here please...last time she had the flu I ended up having to loft around with her!!!

  8. Sorry you've been sick with the flu. Your pups are so cute, and having a wet nose, or two, around always makes you feel better!