Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catching Zzzzz's, Catching Rays & Various Other Things

 ... Derby ... 
He made sure the bed was just the way he 
wanted it before catching some Zzzzzz's.

 ... Julep ...
Catching sun rays on the dining room carpet.
 Big Hawk ... Looking For A Little Duck Snack

 Derby's new friend ... Bourbon
I kid & say if we ever get a third westie it's going to
be named Bourbon - that is after I drink the bottle!

 Derby said he's going to ship Bourbon to 
Grand Mom's house to live.
 They sort of look alike, don't they?
... ...
... ...
 Tonight is my final quilting class and I'm hoping
to complete my project.

At last weeks class I was talking to the instructors 
and mentioned they should consider a program
 to teach girls how to sew learning basic techniques.
 What better way to do this then by
using patterns for an 18" doll.
Quick & easy projects can be done in
one class session.

The instructors will try and work
this out with the YMCA as a joint
effort.  I'm taking my doll and several
outfits to class tonight for fun.  I volunteered
to help instruct should the class be offered in the fall.

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I appreciate all of your comments.

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