Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh, Holy Biscuits ... or ... She's At It Again!

 Derby ... throwing a fit!
 ... But I will find you!
 Only Grand Mom can help you out of this
and she's in Baltimore!
 Derby ... we didn't feed them this morning 
so they're not coming to your rescue either!

 And ... P.S. Derby
 you're not hiding in my bed either!
Oh ... Holy Biscuits 
She's [we all know who SHE is] has been at the
sewing machine again making coats for 
Hands, Hearts & Paws Rescue in Omaha, NE.
As you are my witness SHE is trying to squeeze me into
 another small coat to see how it looks.
 Daddy Wilson ... can you help me?
Us guys have to stick together, right?
This is truly more than any westie male should have to put up with
maybe I should go back to my Mommy Ming.
 Just so Julep wouldn't feel left out of modeling.
 A new pattern with a Velcro closure - size small.
I'm not crazy about the neck - it looks big so I'll go
back to the other pattern.
 In between making fleece coats for rescue
I made these American Girl outfits.
 .. .. .. .. .. 
 Easter Bunnies & Carrots
 Mod Print Hearts
St. Patty's Day

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  1. Very Nice.....Those doggies will be very happy with their new coats!