Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Fun Thursday & Quilting 101

 Photo's [of Derby] were created using [the website] PhotoFunia.
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 While searching for Valentine Day quilt ideas
I came across this sweet little set for a doll bed.
 Did I mention I'm taking a Quilting 101 class?

Our project:  A nine-patch block quilt
What this means:  A nine-patch block has 3 rows
of 3 squares each, like a tic-tac-toe board.
The squares' colors alternate from block to block.
Many traditional patchwork quilt blocks are
based on a variation of the nine-patch block.

The class is 3 sessions each 3 hours long.
This class is designed to give you the basic introduction
of how to create and sew a scrappy quilt.
JoAnn & I are sorta partners in crime [so to speak].
I talked JoAnn into going to the Bayside Quilter's Guild meeting
with me and she talked me into going to the Quilters 101 class [which
is taught by ladies from the Guild].  We're having fun!
Where Do We Start? 
Steps to making a perfect quilt ... what I know so far:
Pressing seams properly is the difference between a quilter
whose work looks fabulous and one whose work is only okay
comes down to the ironing and pressing performed
during the quilt's construction.
 Accurate cutting of your fabric strips using a rotary cutter,
a cutter mat, and ruler is critical not to mention
 that perfect 1/4" seam is a must!
Choosing colors ... Oh, so many!
But First
What is the rule of threes?
The number 3 provides a comfortable framework
for creativity and design of all kinds and for
a beginner it offers a secure starting point
for designing.

Choosing the right color combination
and what I need to learn about color will come in time.

 The class nine-patch squares arrangement is 
top row fabric squares: dark, light, dark,
second row fabric squares ... light, dark, light
third row fabric squares: dark, light, dark

I need to learn the principles of color
such as ...
What is a complementary color scheme?
What is a split-complementary color scheme?
Where can I find color inspiration?
... and the list goes on ...

I do have a little quilting homework 
so stay turned and I'll share after it's done.

... Wishing you a great day ...


  1. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt....but sewing a straight line has to come first. Any seams I sew range from about 3/4" to practically nothing. Hence...learn to sew straight first!

  2. Are you using the same PhotoFunia that Stuart uses. It looks so great!
    My Lee has her Great Grandmother's all done by hand fan double bed quilt and somehow the colors pointed the way to freedom for the slaves during the Civil War. We will have to show it on our blog sometime.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting but have yet to do it. I'm horrible at choosing fabrics and colors.

  4. Great photos! I have a few of those myself! ; )

    Aroo, Stuart

  5. Your Photofunia looks like the same stuff I use on Loonapix. I like to use that stuff now and then to make someone a fun photo. I love the one that looks like a guy painting the dog. Do you ever get a back ache standing like that? You sure do great work though!!