Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Visit To Baltimore

... Derby ... 
 Easter Egg Dress
Fabric from my sister as a gift.
Deb gave me a yard so I have enough to make
several more dresses which I'll give to her
to add to her Easter give-a-way. 
 On Friday I drove into Baltimore to meet my mom.
  We then went to my sister's house so
 we could take her to lunch for her birthday.
Here are just a few photo's from yesterday.
 Deb purchased several patterns on-line
and made copies for me.  Thanks Deb!
The dress [above] was made using ideas
 from two different patterns.
 Debby's stash of fabrics.
This is only the tip of the fabric iceberg!
 I made a sock monkey outfit for Deb's next 
Easter give-a-way.  She's still sewing for 3 little girls.
 Opening presents.
Did you guess one of them was
a gift card to JoAnn's?
 Fabric shopping is so much fun.
 Especially since the new spring collections
are starting to appear in the stores.
 Debby & Mom working on adjusting the
fit on a cape.
 Debby's new sewing machine.
I like the fact that Viking has a top loading
bobbin compartment.
... Julep ... 
And while Mommy Katie was in Baltimore with
Aunt Debby & Grand Mom Dot I had to stay
home with Daddy Wilson & watch the 
geese in the creek.
Happy Saturday
Enjoy Your Weekend


  1. Mom's been to Baltimore once - and remembers it as a very pretty city! It looks like you had a good trip and have lots of projects to do.


  2. sounds like you had a good time with your mom and sister. Love that picture of Julep

  3. You gals sure are busy sewing. I love the Easter dress. Beautiful photos. It's a beautiful Sunday here but only in the high 20's. Tomorrow it's going up to 46! Spring will be here and we never even had a winter. What a strange year so far, weatherwise. Take care.

  4. Hi, Katie! Just popped over here from Confessions Of A Fabric Addict - you left a comment but are set up as a no-reply blogger so I can't talk back to you! Do me a favor and e-mail me directly at so I can tell you more about the Hands2Help challenge! PS Love your westies! So cute!!