Saturday, March 10, 2012

 Doesn't Derby look cute in this new little hat I made?
[of course it's for the American Girl doll]

 I've been in an apron making mood.
One will go to my sister Debby for her next give-a-way.
 I made a dress from of this fabric and had enough
left over to make an apron.
 Julep told me she wants her own Facebook page
and I said ... isn't having your own personal
blog enough for you!
 Pout ... Pout ... Pout
 Quilting 201
I started the next series of quilting classes Tuesday night.
We're making a quilt called Jacob's Ladder & this is my homework ...
  making perfect 4-1/2" squares.  The 4 block squares [on the
right] are now going to be sewn to the 2 triangle squares [on the left].
 Checking and trimming the raw edges.
 I've got my work cut out for me this weekend
... but it's fun. 


  1. The hat is way cuter on Derby than it will be on a doll!!! ;-)

  2. I don't know which is cuter, Derby in that hat or Julep pouting. I'll have to declare it a tie :)