Thursday, March 1, 2012

Julep Wants Dinner, Derby Wants Dinner, So I Guess I'm Finished Sewing For Today!

 Typical of Julep trying her best to tell me it's
dinner time and she's hungry.  The weather was so
warm today Wilson and I took them for a walk
in St. Michaels.  Hard to believe this is March 1st
- our temp reached 66 degrees today on the eastern
shore of Maryland.
 Who can resist these westie faces ...
so I'll stop my sewing and fix them dinner.
 Shorts With Matching Top
I had enough fabric to make a set for me as well
as my sister.    I found a few pieces
of Easter egg & chick fabric from last year
so I'll make a few simple skirts.
I love sewing these little projects!
 Do you remember Alize?
She's in Omaha, NE and her caregiver
{Karen} sent this new photo.  It was
cold and windy so Karen decided to dress her
in layers so she could go outside and be comfortable. 
Underneath is a sweater, topped by one of the fleece coats I made.
I love this face and only wish
the very best for this little sweetheart.


  1. That is most definitely a very cute face. And a cute fleece coat to match!


  2. I love that face, too! Have a beautiful weekend!

    Kristin x

  3. yes our Westie Fergus barks at me when it's his dinner time.
    I find they are an intelligent breed.
    I'm a sewer as well on my other blog, drop by if you can.

  4. Aw, what a sweet little thing and she looks great in teh coat you made