Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Norwich Terrier Puppy Named Wyatt

. . . Wyatt . . .
Don't get alarmed we didn't add a new puppy to our household.

The proud parents of this fine 9-week old puppy-boy are
friends Gail & Terry.  They found a wonderful Norwich
Terrier breeder in Wisconsin and flew up to
bring him back to his fur-ever home.
Welcome to the Eastern Shore 
and your new home Puppy Wyatt!
Wyatt, the Norwich Terrier is so cute he's 
already being painted in oils for a famous gallery!
. . . Temperament of the Norwich Terrier . . .
These small but hardy dogs can be courageous, intelligent and affectionate.
 They can be assertive but it is not typical for them to be 
aggressive, quarrelsome or shy.
 They are energetic and thrive on an active life. 
They are eager to please but have definite minds of their own. 
They are sensitive to scolding but 100% Terrier. 
They should not usually be kept outside or in a kennel setting because
 they enjoy the companionship of their owners. Norwich are not given to
 unnecessary barking, but they will warn of a stranger approaching. 
Once they realise that there is no threat, they can become immediate friends. 
Norwich are generally good with children. 
If introduced to other household pets as a puppy they generally
 co-habit peacefully, though caution should be observed 
around rodent pets as they may be mistaken for prey.
With a face like this, he's already a little heart breaker!
Having fun using drop-in photo software.
This photo shows just how tiny this guy is.
. . . Gail & Wyatt . . . 
He's teething on her fingers ... Ouch!
. . . Exercise Requirements for the Norwich . . .
Norwich Terriers are hardy, active dogs, bred for a working life of
 pursuing vermin and accompanying their farmer owners on horseback. 
A good daily walk is therefore the minimum needed to meet
 the exercise requirements of a healthy Norwich Terrier. 
The dogs were bred as working terriers, and thrive best with at least one
 hour of real activity daily, such as a good walk, run, or working session. 
Norwich are curious, independent dogs who may become 
bored by routine, repetitive walks/routes.
. . . Wyatt in Chalk . . .

. . . Grooming . . .
The Norwich Terrier has two coats - 
a harsh, wiry topcoat and a soft warm undercoat. 
Ideally, the coat is combed with a steel comb daily to once a week
 to remove the loose, dead hairs and prevent matting. 
Proper maintenance of the Norwich coat, like other hard wiry coats, 
requires "stripping," or pulling the oldest hairs from the coat 
(using fingers and/or a "stripping knife," a special grooming comb). 
Stripping results both in the coat retaining its proper appearance, 
and in the health of the dog's skin and coat. 
Ideally, owners hand-strip the coat on a regular basis to achieve
 what is called a "rolling" coat, where hairs of all lengths are growing in. 
Maintaining a rolling coat is easier on the dog's skin and
 requires shorter grooming sessions. 
At minimum, the coat should be stripped once in the autumn & once in spring. 
Clipping or cutting negatively affects the appearance 
of the coat's natural colours and texture.

 {Same goes for the Westie}

Julep & Derby didn't meet Wyatt, but they will soon.
He's just a little too young and small for these two.
The Sniff-Over from my Westies
Boy-oh-boy did I get the Sniff-over big time when I got home.
Derby wouldn't stop smelling my pants, sweater and even
camera strap.  I finally couldn't stand it and
had to change my clothing before my quilting 201 class.


  1. I Love it, you are out to put a terrier in every eastern shore home! Wyatt is adorable

  2. Oh he is sooooo cute! Mom has puppy fever again. Just something about a cute little puppy that gets her all wishy washy!

    Hap-Pee Wednesday!

  3. So sweet!! How fun for you to have puppy time.

  4. Wyatt is a total doll! What fun your friends are going to have!

  5. Wyatt is just gorgeous. Ah, I remember the Puppy Days - mad, rioting days. Now I'm more sedate (but really, is a Westie ever sedate??) but I love to see photos of wonderful little puppies!

    Happy life Wyatt - welcome to the wonderful world of living with two legged creatures!



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