Friday, March 16, 2012

Pampered Pets, A Grooming Boutique

 Just how many westies can you fit in the window at 
Eileen's Pampered Pets?
... ... ...
Julep & Derby had their first appointment with Eileen
for their spa and grooming treatment yesterday.
She's our new groomer Easton. 
Julep & Derby really love her & the shop.
 Derby ... all groomed up.

 The westies would be very happy hanging out in the big 
window for hours just watching the action outside.
 Sleeping during the drive home I knew they had a good time.  
Eileen also took them for walks outside and said they were great.
I like the fact there are no other scheduled dogs while
your pets are being groomed so it's nice and quiet.
Thank you ... Eileen
For taking such good care of Julep & Derby.
We'll see you soon!


  1. Those look like two clean, happy pups! And Eileen looks like someone who REALLY enjoys her job!

  2. They look SO cute in the window...nothing like a spa day! xx

  3. Julep and Derby are looking good

  4. A shiny dog is a happy dog!!!

  5. So nice you get the private one on one service!
    Sweet William The Scot