Friday, April 20, 2012

17th Annual Terrier Group Show - The Westies

 ... Perfection ...
The photo's in this post are taken by me.
Wilson took his long lens and his photo's are
better and closer then mine - I'll post them
separately so I can give him photo credit.
 Today Wilson and I went to the Maryland State Fairgrounds
to see the westies who were entered in the All Terrier show.
 The terrier breeds started with Airedales and ended with Westies.
A total of 29 different terrier breeds were entered.
 Of course we focused on westies and basically stayed in this area.
 There were 547 dogs entered in the Terrier Group Show
on Friday alone.
 Did I mention this was our very first dog show?
Everyone was busy grooming their westies.

 A row of westies.

 I can't image Derby standing still on a table like these westies.

 This is Jaimi - she is the owner of Derby's dad - Edward.

 A row of westies being judged.
 Reading the program.

We stayed until early afternoon then we had to leave.  
This was the first time we left Julep & Derby at home
with a westie-sitter.  The show continued until late
afternoon then it starts all over again on Saturday & Sunday.

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  1. Westie sitter, LOL I bet they were spoiled rotten by the sitter because they are so cute!