Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fabric Fairy

 Yes, Derby once again the Fabric Fairy graced us with
 her presence and left many beautiful fabrics to
magically turn into American Girl clothing.
 Favorite Fairy Facts
Fairies size ranges, from tiny fairies smaller than fireflies
 to powerful forces that guide the wind 

Fairies love fresh flowers and laughter, this attracts them 

Fairies live on islands, hollow trees, under toad stools,
where streams divide or border hedges 

To discover the portal to their world, you must walk nine times
 around a suspected place on a full moon night 

A ripple in the water or sudden chill often indicates their presence 

They are passionately fond of music, bells and jingles! 

They play melodies which are haunting and wistful 

Fairies love to dance & SEW American Girl clothing!!
The disappearance of small objects can be a clue they have been visiting 

They can make themselves visible or invisible and can change their
shapes and sizes but May Day, Midsummer’s Eve,
and Halloween are good times to see them 

Children – particularly young girls – are most likely to see these little people 

They live to be several hundred years old and
 they like honey, milk, and nectar

 The Fabric Fairy left these tiny buttons & trim also!
I DO ... I DO ... I DO
Fresh flowers and laughter are the best ways of attracting
 fairies to you for as we know just as each flower
 has its own fairy each tear that is shed from
 laughter creates a new fairy.


  1. Those are some very pretty fabrics and accessories, and I love the fairies on your blog!

  2. Well the fabric fairy certainly was very good to you. That's a nice selection there.

  3. Katie,
    You are possessed!!

  4. Beautiful selection. Love the colors they make me happy.

    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations