Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet McKenna ... American Girl Doll of the Year 2012

 Julep and Derby are the first to welcome McKenna Brooks.
She is the newest American Girl ... Girl of the Year.

McKenna is 18" with brilliant blue eyes.
She has long caramel-colored hair.
McKenna arrived in a sporty dress, teal leggings, purple underwear, 
and strappy slide-on shoes plus her paperback book with her story.

McKenna will be staying with us for the summer and plans are
for her to go to her new home in the fall.
She will travel there with an extensive fashion portfolio
for every season and every holiday.
I will be sewing up a storm to the very end to
make sure that McKenna has everything she needs.
The fashions you will see below are what's in
McKenna's closet so far.
 McKenna & fashion portfolio will be donated to the
Westie Foundation of America for auction.
 I'm uncertain if this year's auction will be open to all via Ebay.
 Tina head of the Foundation Fund Raising Task Force
asked me for photo's of what I have completed.
This is so they can make the decide on the proper course
 of action regarding this package.
So Far There Is ...

What is The Westie Foundation? 

The Westie Foundation of America, Inc., (WFA) is a non-profit corporation, 
recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) organization. 
The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial aid and
 other support for medical research to benefit the health and quality
 of life of West Highland White Terriers; and to develop and 
communicate information regarding the health, care, breeding
 and quality of life of Westies to Westie owners, Westie breeders and veterinarians. 

The Foundation will be funding research projects that focus on: 

Preventable diseases through genetic testing;
Curable diseases through improved medications and treatments;
Controllable diseases through improved medications and therapies. 
(Medications, treatments and therapies will include
holistic as well as conventional medicine.)

We plan to provide information on how breeders can obtain
 simple and inexpensive genetic tests for determining carriers
 of genetic disorders so they can make better informed decisions. 
We plan to develop educational materials to help breeders
 learn to utilize the new diagnostic tools and treatments to
 breed better dogs and improve the quality of life of their Westies. 

To learn more about The Foundation please visit:

 No Julep it's not about you ...
 it's about helping westies in need.
New outfits completed over the last 2 days.

The jacket and top will match the sundress above.
History Behind McKenna Brooks
McKenna is a determined girl who lives for gymnastics.
She's focused on making the competitive team,
but is beginning to struggle in school.
When she's assigned a tutor to improve her reading,
McKenna is embarrassed.  Can she find a
way to balance school and sports to bring
out the best in herself-and others?

I'm going to have fun designing and sewing new clothing
over the next several months for McKenna.

How many outfits should McKenna take with her

 I know I'm missing several holiday outfits
 like Halloween and Thanksgiving so I'd better get busy!


  1. WOW ... that wardrobe is AMAZING!!! My mom said to tell you that she would like a couple of those outfits in her size :)

  2. Holy smokes, that's some wardrobe. She's going to be the best dressed doll out there :)

  3. A wardrobe any lady would like!!! WOW!!!

  4. Whoever gets this doll with all those extra clothes is going to be one happy little girl! Awesome job on the clothes!