Monday, April 30, 2012

Solving The Problems Of Flight & Coconut Cake!

 For lunch we drove to a favorite dive called Capt'n Franks
at Mile Post 45 in Kitty Hawk.  They have the
best cheap chili hot dogs and fries around.
 We found ourselves not far from the Wright Brothers Museum
[and even though we went there on our last visit]
we decided to go again.

 The brochure we found in the Visitors Center
is filled with detailed information ... like
Wright Brothers: Method & Inspiration beginning in 1899
Principles of Flight and
All the predecessors prior to the Wright Brothers
 The Wright Brothers

 Wright Glider

 Powered Machine
 We made the trek up to the monument during our last visit.

 A favorite little market in Duck we like to visit.
We'll be having steamed shrimp from Tommy's for an appetizer tonight.

 I also forgot to mention after we left the
Wrights Brother Museum we took the westies to
the Tanger Outlet Center to walk around ... then
we drove to Tommy's and then we went home.
 They really did great with all that walking and sniffing.
 Ding-Dong It's Someone At the Door!
Just as the westies settled into their pre-dinner
nap the door bell rang which got them all stirred up.
We had a special delivery box ... a gift from the
owners of the house we are renting.
Yellow Cake with Coconut Icing 
This was really nice of them to send this to us ...
now we'll have to figure out how to send them a thank you.

 Up from their naps ... Derby takes his spot on the
side deck ... waiting and watching for the bunny.

The side deck is so much larger than the front
which prohibits the extra protective fencing.
 We just decided that one of us needs to be out there
with them ... better safe than sorry!
Until Tuesday ... Bye Bye from the Outer Banks

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  1. Looks like a fun outing!
    Great to hear from you.