Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Out To Lunch - Another Adventure

 We were in the mood for a BBQ sandwich for lunch
but when we found the tiny restaurant we saw the sign 'closed
on Tuesday's' ... so we wont' give up and we'll try again on Wednesday.
 Our second choice for lunch was a place we've been
to so many times before called 'Steamers'.
 We sat outside, had our lunch, and enjoyed this beautiful weather.
The westies were extremely well behaved.
 On our way back home we pulled into the parking
lot of the Sunset Bar & Grille.  We could actually
walk to this restaurant from our house [if we wanted].
 Wilson wanted to take pictures of the pier.
 Sharky's Bait Shop is across the street [from the restaurant]
and I understand it's the place to get all your needs for surf fishing.

 The westies had another good afternoon out and about.
 Will they be up for a beach walk?
Who am I kidding!
They'll be ready to go for a beach walk and then some!
It's me that may not make it down the steps and up the
path to the beach ... let alone walk in the sand!

1 comment:

  1. YOU'RE AT THE BEACH!!!! This is where We go, too!!!
    Y'all have fun. Hey...did your peep get Our comment to your comment about the photo information? Let me know, and I'll ask Her to email you if you didn't get it.

    Aroooo THE BEACH ROOOOOO! Stuart