Friday, May 4, 2012

Shopping Around Duck

 Our rental had a slight problem with the a/c cooling the
upper level of the house ... so we called in maintenance.
 Wilson decided to stay at home with the westies since we had repair people
going in and out so I took this opportunity to do a
little shopping in Duck.  Since I've been to most of the shops in
 town I just did some window shopping.

 This shopping center is on the Sound side of Duck.
Very pleasant to walk around.
 Things I found along the way and
various other photo's from my solo adventure.
 No westie shirts!

We plan to take the westies for a walk along the trail
before we leave.

I went to see what's new in the Lilly line
and found the prices of simple dresses to be staggering!
Exit ... Quickly!

Talk about advertising!
The Duck bookstore and coffee shop stocks
enough diversity in books for every age.
 Peach - Love - Books - Coffee - Duck's Cottage
I nearly purchased a mug for Wilson
but held back since we have so many already.
The Duck book store is in the old
Powder Ridge Club.

Who knew!
I want this duck bench but how would
I get it back home!
Shocking price for simple color chairs!
Sorry ... no pet stores in Duck.

Taken right from our deck so I can't wait
for tonight as the moon becomes
a little fuller and a little rounder.


  1. What a lovely town! I am sure they will enjoy that walk on the path! I love the duck bench!

  2. that looks like a fun place to shop but what's up with no Westie shirts?