Friday, June 29, 2012

Longwood Gardens: Part 1

 The entrance to Longwood Gardens
located in Kenneth Square, PA.
It's approximately a 2+hour easy drive from our home.
  Please enjoy the sampling of photo's I'm about to
share taken during our journey through the estate grounds.
 Walking path to the Italian Fountain area.
 We went to see the newly opened exhibit called
by Bruce Munro.
This exhibit will be open until September 29.
You can't see [in this photo] but there are fiber-optic
lights placed in the purple & silver plants.
 Across the pond ... a family of geese.
See the white tiny globes?  This is part of
exhibition you will see in the last set of photo's.
You truly can't appreciate them until dark.
 Then the 'light' show begins!
 They came swimming toward us.
 Hi ... baby goose.
Don't Panic Katie! 
Holy Smokes!  They came out right next
to me and I was a little tense about the parents
being possessive of the babies.

 This little one wanted to be my friend -
but I dare not try and touch him for
fear of mother & dad going after me.
 I didn't have trouble with the parents - but 
when Wilson walked by one of them started
to hiss and sorta go after him ... that's when
I said ... every man for themselves!!
 The Canopy Cathedral Treehouse

 I know that guy behind the day lilies.
[By the way, he made it by the geese without attack.]
 The Italian Fountain Garden

 Stone bridge to the woodland walking path.

 Across the bridge [shown above] we entered a 
wooded nature area.  The photo's [above & below]
of the woodland lilies happen to be my favorite from this trip.

We arrived at Longwood around 4pm so
the heat wasn't bad [notice I said wasn't that bad!]
We were now ready for a cool beverage before going
into the Conservatory to see the 'Lights' display there.

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  1. Just beautiful!! I have never been but I have always wanted to go!