Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sister's Sewing on Saturday

 While Deb & I were so busy sewing the westies
relaxed on the deck in the sun.
 Deb had a lot of the dresses and skirts finished.
These are her donation to the 'cause'
which is for the auction benefiting the
Westie Foundation of America

 This is a dress I made.

 We did a little fabric shopping between sewing sessions.
Meet the new members of my stash.
 Fairy Fabric
Oh so cute!  I'm saving it for something super-special.
Sending a special note to Grand Mom
to say I love you,


  1. All the doll clothes look great. I love the dress you made with the silhouettes around it.

  2. So cool! You are a whiz with the machine! Have a great Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly!

  3. Wow! You sure do keep busy with all that sewing! Beautiful clothes. Those dolls sure are lucky. But the doggies look bored..LOL

  4. Derby is the sweetest. These lithe dresses are adorable, and I especially love the royal blue one.