Monday, July 9, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

 People around the world use the term "Dog Days"
in different ways, usually as a reference to hot weather.
 It comes from the Dog Star, Sirius, which is part of the
constellation Canis Major. Each summer between July and
August the constellation appears in the northern hemisphere
during what is usually the hottest time of the summer.
Sirius is often seen as a twinkling star of different changing colors.
The appearance of color is a rainbow effect caused as
the light passes through the earth's atmosphere, similar to a rainbow.
 Ancient astronomers used the constellations to guide them 
through the seasons as well as for navigational charts for land and sea. 
The star named Sirius (the Dog Star) in Canis Major
 is quite visible in the night sky. Dog Days are named for the 
appearance of the Dog Star on the eastern horizon. 
It is the brightest star in Canis Major and is easily 
recognizable with the naked eye. Depending on which hemisphere 
you are in and your latitude, the Dog Days occurs at slightly different times. 
Ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius had an effect on
 life here on earth, partly because the regular annual 
rising of Sirius coincided with the days just before the 
flooding of the Nile River. They watched for the star to 
mark the coming of the floods, and they used the 
rising of Sirius to mark the first day of their year. 
Some say that our New Year's Eve actually marks the
 return of Sirius to the mid-sky alignment, and that this is 
the historical reason for the celebration at midnight January 1.
 Sirius is the alpha star in the constellation Canis Major. 
Canis Major is called the Big Dog, which gives Sirius 
its nickname of “the Dog Star”. 
The name Sirius means “scorching,” 
which may relate to its brightness as a star 
and its relationship to summer.
 A casual survey will usually find that many people 
believe the phrase is in reference to the conspicuous laziness
 of domesticated dogs (who are in danger of overheating 
with too much exercise) during the hottest days of the summer. 
When speaking of "Dog Days" there seems to be a connotation
 of lying or "dogging" around, or being "dog tired"
 on these hot and humid days.  Although these meanings have
 nothing to do with the original source of the phrase, 
they may have been attached to the phrase in recent years due 
to common usage or misunderstanding of the origin of the phrase.
 I hope you enjoyed today's mini-lesson on the
the Dog Days of Summer. 
 Julep chewing on her bully stick
nice and cool inside the house.
... ... ... ... ... ...
The American Glory 
A few nights ago we met friends for dinner in St. Michaels.
Of course we ate inside due to the heat.  
After dinner we walked Laura & Cary back to the
red rocket because I wanted some harbour pictures.
 In all this heat the Crab Claw's outside seating is still
 packed with folks picking crabs and drinking beer.
 Laura & Cary
A big smile for the camera.
 Captain Cary
Little Red Rocket vs. Big White Boat

Have a great day & keep cool!


  1. You are so lucky to have a Summer ours is a complete wash-out. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Interesting info on the dog days of summer. Julep and Derby did a good job of acting out their parts :)

  3. Julep and Derby look so comfy inside in the air conditioning!!!!