Sunday, July 1, 2012

Inn at Whitewing Farm

 Our Inn for the night which is right next to Longwood Gardens
in historical Brandywine Valley.

 The Stable Room
I chose this room since Wilson is from Kentucky
and I was thinking horses ... made sense at the time.

 For one night this room was just fine.
We didn't watch TV or even glance through the books,
we were exhausted after spending hours walking
around Longwood Gardens.  The only downside
to staying at Whitewing was no internet coverage.
If they had it there was not instruction on how to hook up
to their service.  Even my cell phone had little coverage
due to the location of the Inn.
 We were steps away from the main house were
breakfast is served between 8:30 and 9:30.

 Old farmhouse on the property.

Lance (and Sandy) Shortt are the current owners of Whitewing Farm.
Lance also has an Italian restaurant in Exton, PA.  He showed us
the menu and said all the pasta is made right at the restaurant.
Next time we're in Exton - we'll be going to Lance's place for dinner.
I didn't realize we were that close to Exton [20 minutes tops].
This is the area of the Montgomery Kennel Club All Terrier Show
which is held in October every year. 

For additional info on Whitewing ... please visit:


  1. Looking forward to Lance's pasta. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That looks like a very nice place

  3. Looks like a nice spot to relax anyway!