Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bayside Quilters August Guest Speaker Elly Seinkiewicz

Hey Julep ... let's see what photo's Mommy Katie
took at the August Bayside Quilters meeting.
 AUGUST 8th Speaker – Elly Seinkiewicz
What is the Fascination with Baltimore Album
Quilts and What is Her Greatest Gift?

Trained in History, Art & Education (A.B. Wellesley College, M.S. Univ of PA)
 Elly Seinkiewicz adores appliqué! For twenty books, and counting, 
she has been designing, stitching, teaching, and writing about
 appliqué – from the basics to Baltimore Albums. 
Houston’s Quilts Inc. has twice invited special exhibitions of Elly’s work. 
Most recent was 2010’s exhibition dubbed “Baltimore’s Daughters”. 
The first such Exhibition was created to honor Elly’s work
as the 2003 Silver Star honoree. The Silver Star Award 
was given to a handful of select artists who made a 
“profound contribution to the contemporary Quilting Revival”
 of the past half-century. Recently, Quilters Newsletter readers 
voted her “America’s Best Quilting Teacher” while her Appliqué 12 Easy Ways! 
won the Quilt Industry Classics Award for Best Book on appli- qué. 
Inspiring as a speaker, she has lectured for museums, including the
 Smithsonian Institution and the Abby Aldrich Rockefel-ler Museum, 
where her work as a quilt historian has been recognized. 
Elly has taught classes around the United States,
and on five continents. Her work has been in quilt magazines 
in the US, Europe, and Japan including The Magazine Antiques, 
Folk Art Magazine, Victoria, Threads, and Uncoverings. 
Please visit her website
 Elly's quilt on display at the meeting.
Isn't it beautiful?

 One of Elly's many books available at the guild meeting.


 The art of fabric folding.

The hands are from members of her family.  

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 sewing projects today & will update my other blog

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  1. Such talent , they are beautiful , real works of art. That's Derby and Julep I am talking about. No not really the quilts are just stunning.
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