Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween Party Dresses & More!

 Derby can be such a good sport.
I think he wants to be a ghost for Halloween this year.
 I relaxed over Labor Day weekend by making four
Halloween party dresses.  It was fun mixing and matching fabric.
The trim I purchased on sale [last year] for pennies.
 I love every party dress ... it would be hard for 
me to say I liked one more than the other.

 I don't waste material so I figured I had enough
to mix & match two Teacher's Pet dresses.
 Snoopy & Charlie Brown Raking Leaves Party Dress
 This is a re-printed vintage pattern by Simplicity.
Maybe it was the fabric but I don't care for this as a dress.
I think the pattern would make a cute flannel night gown.
 I finally made the halter top to go with summer shorts.
The second fairy American Girl tote bag.
This one is going to my sister to give-a-way.
Have A Great Day!


  1. Nice sewing job! Have a fun Halloween(ie)

    Amber DaWeenie

  2. Derby you would make a great ghost. We are gonna have to think up something really spooky for Halloween but failing that we will just post a picture of our peeps. Have a great days folks.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. They all look great. What a nice way to spend the long weekend