Sunday, September 23, 2012

Westies, Wegman's & Final Sewing Project

 Derby in his spot under the coffee table.
 Julep in her spot on the back of the sofa.
 I re-did this photo using the feature ... color of the '60's.
 What a life these two westies have!
 Friday night we met friends for dinner at Brightwell's
in Easton.  It was a beautiful night and we sat outside.
 It's hard to believe but now I can say I'm
FINALLY finished sewing items for the
Westie Foundation of America's auction
at Montgomery in two weeks.
The task at hand is deciding
what clothing, shoes, hats & bags will go with
McKenna and ... which clothing I will hold
back for Caroline Abbott & the Ebay auction
in November.  
 Made from flannel a nice soft nightgown
{and matching robe above}.
 A doll size pillow.
 Enough flannel was left over so I made
a quick and simple doll size quilt.
Westies on the front and
{below} scotties on the back

 This is the final westie tote back for the auction.
I can't believe I only purchased one yard of this 
fabric ... what in the world was I thinking?
Hopefully, I'll find it again in November when
Deb and I make our way back up to PA for
another fabric shopping trip.
 ... ... ...
I forgot to post these photo's from my visit with
Deb.  She has a Wegman's close to her home 
and I just had to see what everyone is talking about.
This was my first visit to Wegman's and I have to say I was very
impressed and would love to have one here on the eastern shore.  
 The closest Wegman's for us will be in Crofton
which is still and hour and a half from our home.
This store will be opening in either October or November.
The other Wegman's in Columbia.

 I wanted to try everything!

 The Wegman store is so large it's possible you could get 
lost for hours wondering through the aisles.
Thank goodness they have the Market Cafe area
to sit down and to enjoy all the self-serve food bar
items ... you name it ... they have it!W 

 This is something you don't see in every grocery store.
 The cheese selection is unbelievable!

 Wondering just how much a wheel of blue cost.
 I think the tins of loose tea were something like $70.00.



  1. Oh my all that lovely food and the flowers are beautiful. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Julep's favorite spot is the same as Duke's although he doesn't have a coffee table he can lay on like Derby does.
    We have a Wegman's here and I think I've only been there once. I found it to be a lot more expensive than the store I normally go to plus it's a farther drive. They do have everything though