Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bayside Quilt Guild 3rd Auction

Parade Queen For A Day 
{Now is the time to practice your wave}
One seat was available to ride in a pink convertible. 
The one lucky winner can pick from 4 local parades.
 A sampling of quilts tops in the live auction.
 Rows of tables with lots and lots of themed
baskets ready to bid on.  The ladies of the Guild
worked hard on pulling all this together.
 The Full Moon Crab Feast
was donated by Laura {pictured below}.
 The Guild's current President Laura B.
taking a break in the kitchen area.
There was coffee and lots of homemade
goodies to snack on throughout the morning.
 Items in the live auction
 My donation of an American Girl tote bag filled with
dresses.  Another Guild member was kind enough 
to donated one of the retired AG dolls from her
personal collection.
 My Chocolate Fix Basket
I think my two donation items raised over 
$300.00 for the Guild.
 The Art Quilt Calendar with Box
This item drew big $'s ... I lost count of
the bidding but think it ended at $800.00!
 Each block represents a different month of the
year and was created by 12 different
Fiber Art Bee members.
 The storage box [lower left corner] was made
from dupioni silks in a crazy quilt design.
 Ladies who look, bid, and then re-bid on
baskets they 'must' have.
 Ladies who collect the $ money $.
Everything from start to finished was so organized.
 Here we have Chris [in the red top] so happy
to see me and my camera [hahaha] ... she's
happy because I turned-in my 3 quilt
tops totally complete and picked up 3 more to make.
 Chris is the Community Outreach Queen of Bayside Quilters.
She has boundless energy for the 'cause'.
Quilts For Comfort 
A stack of finished quilts are being taken to 
Tom's River, NJ for those who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.
The top two quilts are ones I completed for Outreach.
I'm not sure if they will go to New Jersey or not.

All in all it was a great morning. I'm looking
forward to learning how much money the
Guild raised to help support various activities
throughout the year.
Have A Great Day


  1. WOW! So much work goes into making such lovely things! That crab feast looks like fun!

  2. That looked fabulous. We hope it raises lots of money. love these events. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Looks like it was a good time and a successful event.