Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What ... A ... Life!

 Working away sewing in my loft area when all of a 
sudden I heard Derby snoring up a storm. 
It amazes me that he can snore so loud that
{at times} he will wake Julep up.
 Let's Go Ice Skating
This dress, cape, headband & hand muff
will be mailed to a little girl in Kansas.
 As cute as this pink fuzzy fabric is
I have to say it was a real mess to work with.
I had to vacuum off the vacuum cleaner!

 The capes and all the rest of the clothing [below] will
go to my sister so she can add them to her holiday
give-a-way in December.

 I found a nice selection of 'retro' fabric on
my last shopping trip to PA.  Deb & I will
plan another trip to fabric shop in the new year.

Last time I checked Ebay
... the Caroline Abbott collection ...
had a bid of $361.00.  I'm hoping she'll at least
bring in $400.00 for the Westie Foundation of America.
Have a great day & thanks for visiting.


  1. Paws crossed for you and we hope it goes well. Take Care. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That pink fabric does look really nice but having to vacuum off the vacuum doesn't sound like too much fun.