Wednesday, January 23, 2013

See Deer ... Smell Deer ... Bark At Deer

 Here I was enjoying my morning cup of Starbucks
when the westies spotted a deer making its way through the yard.
 This lead to an immediate panic attack of ... let us out the door
ASAP so we can bark our little westie heads off at the deer
thus driving Mommy Katie & sleeping Daddy Wilson crazy.
 Julep, with a noise like that you can probably smell deer 3 miles away!
 The deer with Founder disease.  I can see her hoofs have grown
several more inches since the last photo.  She is walking a little
 more slowly now but she's still eating so we'll let her be.

 When they get this excited there's no stopping the barking
... but I do continue to try.
 Even going outside to say 'no barks' doesn't help in a
situation like this.
 So while I was outside [in the freezing cold with no
coat on] I snapped this photo and the one below.

What an exciting morning!
Back inside Julep & Derby will continue to
guard the yard for the rest of the day.
Keep warm & have a great rest of the day.


  1. We hear you. Once the barking starts, there's no end in sight! Our pack barks at the big Sand Cranes that always land in our yard!

  2. Yep impawtant to keep an eye out for those intruders. Peeps are never grateful. I sit on the back of the sofa and bark at everything. One of my middle names is S@@$ Up Molly. Wonder Why Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly